S1 Week 9 – Amazing Things Happen When A Team Rallies Around A Common Goal

When a team rallies around a common goal and every member is on the same page working towards that goal with the same spirit, enthusiasm, and intensity, that team is hard to beat. This weeks show uses the Ohio State vs Purdue game to talk about what we can learn from Purdue’s win to help us with our finances. Chris, Scott, and Maximus also discuss other college games from the previous week and give us a highlight of the games to watch this weekend. They review a few of their picks from earlier in the year. The trio also discusses the previous and upcoming NFL games and whether or not college players should be required to repay their scholarship if they leave in the middle of the season. Below is the video Coach Chris talked about. Here is the link to learn more about getting 5 new dinner recipes sent to you each week. www.footballandmoney.com/dinner


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